The Shy Guy’s Guide to Using an Escort Service and What to Expect

There is a lot of negative dogma surrounding the myth of using escort service Sydney or any other place has. Society somehow seems to conclude that guys should naturally be inclined to do this by instinct. However, why this is the case is difficult to explain. In fact, most guys have no clear idea or even clueless on what to do in this situation.

Now, here is a guide that the pros and escorts share about using an escort service. But before going into the details, let’s debunk one big myth about the service and that is…

Escort service is the same as prostitution. Now, the former should not be labelled the same as the latter. Far from it, in fact. Prostitution is illegal and is often times rooting against the will of the person herself, who may have engaged in it due to desperate reasons. On the other hand, an escort service is like hiring any other professional, like a lawyer, doctor, or an auto mechanic. You generally pay for a service based on a need that you perceive. Since you are hiring a professional and not a generalist, you can expect better results and should be ready to pay a premium for the guaranteed satisfaction. And like any professional, escorts will treat you as a valued customer, but would also have certain expectations from you.

With that myth put aside, here is the perfect gentleman’s guide to using an escort service in Sydney:

  • Before your escort arrives, you have to make sure you are well prepared and choose your venue properly. Treat it like a date and make a lasting first impression. Aesthetics is important, and so, it is necessary to tidy up. Check your bathroom and ensure you have enough toiletries supply for your lady visitor.
  • When she arrives, keep a warm friendly atmosphere. Help your escort feel relaxed and adjusted to the environment. Offer a quick tour of the area to give her a sense of security and let her stabilise her mood.
  • Offer to pay her up the fees to show you have good intentions of paying up correctly. Don’t be too hasty on being touchy and overly familiar without her consent, as she may see it as disrespectful on your part.
  • If she asks for your permission to make a phone call, respectfully allow her. She may need to inform someone that she is safe.
  • Your escort may do a discreet health check on you, but you can make things a little fun. No need to be alarmed as this is normal. Think of it as a standard procedure, like a professional doing a diagnosis before doing her work. She might ask you to take a quick shower, so be ready.

Once you’re both ready, it’s all freestyle for you. It could be a little romantic by starting with some chats and then moving your way to some cuddling. Try not to be a nerve wrack and try to keep control of yourself at all times. Let her do her magic, and you should be fine. She will give you cues as to what to do and how she wants it done. Just be attentive while she draws you out to the deed.

Finishing up your appointment is just as important as the rest of the process. You can cuddle up and chat more as you take some rest. Give her ample time to tidy up and take a shower too. When she is ready to part, a simple “thanks” would be well appreciated. No need to make any promises to book again. But if ever you need to find yourself a professional escort service in Sydney in the future, there’s nothing wrong with calling her again.