Make It Rain Money in the Classiest Strip Club in Brisbane Like a Pro

Making it rain in a strip club is a long-standing tradition that has existed for eons or for as long as gentlemen’s clubs have existed. But you’d be wrong to think that it’s nothing more than throwing money at a dancer.

Make a muck of it, and you’ll definitely get glares from club patrons in the classiest strip club in Brisbane. So, if you’re new to the strip club game, you must know the art of how to make it rain money in a strip club.

What does it mean to make it rain?

This is when you hold a stack of bills on one hand and then use your fingers from the other hand to peel off bills one at a time. Easy, yes?

Now, do it in a rapid fashion and make sure bills are thrown out in small increments. If the bills float in the air and then rain down, you got the technique down pat.

If they don’t, practise some more before you head out to the classiest strip club in Brisbane.

Watch how the big ballers, such as millionaire rock stars and rappers, do it.

How to Make It Rain Right in a Brisbane Strip Club

  • Roll with fresh, crisp bills

If you can get them hot off the press, so much the better. Because then, the bills won’t be sticking together, and it will be easier to make them float on air.

In Brisbane, where you will find the best strip clubs, the bank teller would not give a second thought if you ask them for rain-able bills.

  • Know how much to burn

A stack of 1-dollar to 20-dollar bills are the common choices. But if you have serious cash to spend in a strip club, take it up a notch to a stack of 100-dollar bills. To make it rain money in that amount would make strippers and staff in a club think the rain gods have come down from their lofty home to indulge in debauchery in the mortal world.

  • Act natural and expensive

Have you ever seen celebrities in a strip club blink because of an expensive tab? They don’t think VIP is a big deal. It’s part of the persona and reputation that they want to convey. You don’t just make it rain over dancers, but everything and everyone in a strip club. In everything that you do, you act like your trip to a club is like any ordinary day.

Once you perfect this art, you will be more confident when you hit the classiest strip club in Brisbane.